Many teams facing-off against the Wizards are immediately impressed with their size. Brandon Lawley is 6’7″, Jermain Abraham is 6’7″, Levy Mwanza is 6’8″, Tim Zephyr is 6’9″, Brian Faustin is 6’9″, and Dele Coker is 6’10”! This large and athletic front line has virtually established a no-fly zone around the Wizards’ basket.

Yet it is the Wizards’ guard play that has carried them for most of the season and Saturday’s victory over the Virginia Nova Hawks was no exception. Each of the four guards in uniform scored in double digits, led by Jason Romer’s 22 points, Aubin Scott’s 21, Eric Ferguson’s 13, and Tamien Trent’s 13.

“What really makes this club appealing to me this year is our defensive effort,” stated Wizards Head Coach Greg Cerillo. “We chase people off or aggressively challenge 3-point shooters, and run them into our shot blockers down low. In six games this season, we have only had seven 3-point baskets made on us. If teams want to beat us they need to shoot very well or challenge our bigs.”

“Tonight, however, the Nova Hawks did challenge our bigs and made a game of it. Truly the Nova Hawks under Coach Hall and his staff are one of the better-coached clubs in our league. They kept running different line-ups out there on us tonight causing difficult match-ups. When you think about a team making a 6-hour van ride and then playing like that, it just may be one of the better road performances of the season.”

The Wizards were led by Jason Romer’s 22 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals and 2 3-point shots. Big Man Dele Coker, getting his first start of the season, had 11 points 20 rebounds, and 6 blocks.

“Dele was a beast inside for us on the defensive end and on the glass,” continued Cerillo. “Once we get back small forwards Rob Hampton (15 ppg) and Greg Lott (12 ppg) who both missed the game for personal reasons, we feel we are ready to make a run. We need both these guys to match up to smaller clubs and tonight they were missed.”

The Nova Hawks were led by Joseph Flegler’s 26 points.

The Wizards next game will be against the NYC Jaguars on Saturday February 25 in Brooklyn, NY.