Over the past several seasons much has been made about the size of the Wizards front line. Opponents have often walked into the Wizards gym and had to look up at their dominating front line(s). This season it is not unusual for the Wizards to start a line-up that stands 6’10”, 6’9”, 6’7”, 6’3”, and 6’1”!

Yet what makes the Wizards so interesting this season is their ability to defend and score points from a variety of positions! The Wizards have 9 players averaging double digits in scoring: Aubin Scott 25 PPG, Jason Romer 15 PPG, Jermaine Abraham 11 PPG, Brandon Lawley 13 PPG, Greg Lott 11 PPG, Dele Coker 11 PPG, Tim Zephyr 12 PPG, Tamien Trent 16 PPG, and Rob Hampton 11 PPG. When you add in Greg Cerillo and Levy Mwanza’s scoring averages the Wizards average 70 PPG off their bench.

Add to this scoring the fact that the Wizards only give up 99 PPG and one can see what makes them difficult to beat!

“I have learned over the years that the more versatility you can have the better off you are at this level,” stated Wizards Head Coach Greg Cerillo. “Not many guys here like to play defense. Truly it is hard to get recruited as a great defensive player from lower levels of basketball. Yet defense appears to be contagious and several teams in our league have stepped it up on that side of the ball this year. Our desire was to match or better their efforts.”

Cerillo continued, “When the year started we established our goal to be in the Final Four and to place our self in a position to win a championship! This season may just come down to who is playing best the last 2 weeks of the year. We need to get better and keep improving to compete, and we will.”

Currently the New York wizards sit atop the Northern Division of the EBA with a 6-1 record! Up next for the Wizards is a road game against the NYC Jaguars on 2/25! In their last competition the Wizards held the Jaguars to 71 points in the game, 34 in the second half!

“We realize the Jaguars are struggling right now,” continued Cerillo. “They’re a first-year club and many teams have been through similar situations. Yet we can’t take anything for granted. In each game we play, we need to use the competition to get better to reach our ultimate goal – to win the title!”