Preparing For ShowdownTwo of the flagship programs of the re-vamping EBA are preparing, in their own way, for their upcoming showdown on Sunday 3/17 in Harrisburg PA.

The Harrisburg Horizon have played 4 EBA games this season, and clearly their tried and true method of playing the best EBA competition they can find and dominating opponents at home, has placed them among the most powerful minor league basketball clubs in the area.

The Wizards, with permission from EBA ownership, set out this season on a “world Tour” in an attempt to promote EBA expansion and show the quality of minor league basketball in and around the NY area.

Both teams currently (at the writing of this article) stand at 3-1 and although both teams can score, it’s defense (very unusual in minor league basketball) where they make their mark. The Horizon squad has given up a stingy 103 PPG while scoring 118 PPG. The Wizards give up a stifling 93 PPG while scoring 113 PPG.

“The Horizon have been, and always will be one of the best run teams in the EBA, and truly all of minor league sports” Stated Coach Greg Cerillo “We continually use such a program as a yardstick for our own teams success.”

Cerillo continued: “These are not two men’s league clubs claiming professional status. These are two legit pro teams with players overseas clubs want to see and sign. That is what the league has allowed the Wizards to do this season with an abbreviated EBA schedule and an increased showcase schedule. We have set out to prove the quality of the EBA and teams and players who want to play a true level of professional basketball should seek out this level.”

The Horizon will prepare for their showdown game with the Wizards with a game against the NJ Bullets on Sunday 3/10. The Wizards have an exhibition contest at Centenary College (as a fundraiser for the Centenary Sports Management Program) on Saturday 3/9, and an Intersquad Scrimmage on Friday 3/15 at Fundamental Sports Training in Westbury.